Operation Weed Eradication promotes balanced approach

Farmers preparing for the upcoming growing season know weed management will be crucial.

Operation Weed Eradication campaign lead Dr. Anna Alicea with BASF says there are several strategic pillars they are promoting.

“So cultural mechanical practices, making sure that the crop gets a competitive advantage over pigweed that can help disrupt weed seed germination and eliminate plant tissue.”

She tells Brownfield that can be accomplished with narrow row spacing, cover crops, tillage, and cultivation.

Another pillar is chemical control and traits.

“Effective herbicides are really critical and an essential part of any robust weed control program.”

Eradication diligence is the final pillar, and Alicea says that means going the extra mile to take out the last weed standing.

“So cleaning your equipment (and) hand rogueing are also super important.”

She says taking a balanced approach will move farmers toward a weed-free future.

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