Ohio FB member upset with HSUS compromise

Coffee shops and phone lines in rural parts of Ohio are abuzz over news that the state’s major ag and livestock organizations have compromised with HSUS on animal welfare regulations.

One of those who disagrees with the decision is farmer Dwight Clary of Kansas, Ohio, president of the Seneca County Farm Bureau.  He says the state Farm Bureau organization should have consulted with its grassroots membership before signing on to the agreement.

“With a decision of this magnitude, a lot of people are upset that—we’ve done all this work, we’ve given all of our time and effort—and then without even asking us if we want to continue, they just kind of made this agreement with the opposite side,” Clary says.

Clary says he no longer raises livestock—he is strictly a grain farmer—and he understands the importance of the livestock industry, both to his own livelihood and to the state of Ohio.  And as Clary puts it, he is also a consumer.

“I feel that if somebody doesn’t like a production practice or doesn’t want to eat meat, vote with your dollar at the grocery store,” he says, “but don’t tell other people that they have to be vegetarians –or you can’t eat meat that is produced this way.”

Clary says that, while he’s upset with the state Farm Bureau, he’s not mad enough to quit.

“I would rather stay in the organization—and if enough people think like I do, maybe we could redirect what we’re doing,” Clary says, “and I would like to see this changed to not be what it is today.  I would like to see it go back to where we’re defending agriculture from HSUS.”

AUDIO: Dwight Clary (10 min MP3)

  • Good work, Ohio Farm Bureau. Does the phrase “mess of pottage” have any meaning for you blindered idiots? The Farm Bureau compromising with the H$U$ will work out exactly as well for Ohio agriculture as Colt compromising with anti-Second Amendment zealot psychos worked out for firearms manufacturers. The camel’s nose is now in the tent, and Ohio farmers are going to have to fight tooth and nail to keep any rights whatsoever.

  • I agree with Mr Clary. HSUS members are experts at negotiating a deal of compromise whereby the only compromise is to give them everything they want. For being opposed to animals for profit, they sure are experts at it themselves. They were the proverbial fox in the hen house and made away with all the eggs before anyone noticed what happened. To allow this type of shenanigan is intolerable to voters.

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