Ohio farmer sees 100+ bushel wheat

A central-Ohio farmer says he just finished harvesting his best wheat crop yet.

Tim Norris of Gambier tells Brownfield he never expected the yields that showed up in the combine.

“I had 35 acres of wheat that I just couldn’t believe it when I got in, it was 115 bushels to the acre,” he shares.

The third-generation farmer minimally manages his wheat.  Norris says a very dry June and timely rains must have helped the crop.

“Everything was sprayed, everything was side dressed,” he explains.  “I just think we had the right amount of nutrients there and then I think the weather was just perfect for it.”

Norris says corn looks about three weeks late for this time of year, but the condition is really good right now.  He is concerned about the impact of a dry pollination season or an early frost.

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