Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association focuses on creating a climate for change

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association is focusing on resiliency, challenges created by extreme weather events, and the role farmers can play in addressing climate change.

A Climate for Change is the theme of the 41st annual OEFFA conference.

Lauren Ketcham, communications director with OEFFA, says they are dedicated to creating a climate to change agriculture.

“Cultivating a resilient, just, and sustainable agricultural system can help farmers mitigate their own climate risks so they can weather extreme weather on their farms,” she says.

She says farmers can help make agriculture part of the solution to the climate crisis…“By adopting practices that produces fewer emissions, fewer runoff into our waterways, help to build the soil structure, and help to sequester carbon,” she says.

The OEFFA conference is also featuring more than 70 workshops covering everything from commercial production, urban agriculture, research, sustainable living and more. The conference runs through February 15.

Audio: Lauren Ketcham, Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

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