Nutrient management leaping forward

Photo credit: Peterson Farms Seed

An extension educator says nutrient management has come a long way the past ten years.

Brad Carlson with the University of Minnesota tells Brownfield technology that allows for better placement, rate, and timing is becoming more available.

“In the last decade we’ve really seen increased capacity at most fertilizer dealers to do in-season applications.”

He says that’s just one of many options for farmers looking to side-dress or top-dress fertilizer.

“The prevalence of high-clearance sprayers, which are being used with Y-drops or with just dribble nozzles for in-season application. That stuff is out there with much more frequency than it ever used to be.”

Carlson says farmers might want to reconsider what’s possible and take another look at how they manage fertilizer.

Minnesota Extension is hosting a series of Nitrogen Smart workshops that cover a variety of topics, including in-season fertilizer application.

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