NU President says higher education has large responsibility with ag cybersecurity

The risks for cyberattacks in the ag industry are growing and a Midwestern university president says preparing students for those jobs will provide long-term benefits to the industry.

Ted Carter is with the University of Nebraska. “Networks, network security – all those things now are starting to come into focus for the American public,” Carter says. “They’ve seen how vulnerable we are in some of these places whether they be supply chain management, food, energy, water – the days of going back to paper and pencil is gone.”

He tells Brownfield curriculum should be adjusted to incorporate ag-focused majors like natural resources with security courses. “This idea of moving from computer science course work to now understanding where data management, data science, artificial intelligence – morphing these more into real stem-based fields or engineering is the future.”

He says at Lincoln and Omaha’s campuses, the Universities are doubling the number of students who can take computer sciences and engineering courses to meet future demand.

Ted Carter, System President, University of Nebraska:

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