NPPC pushes for zero-tariff pork access to China

A new analysis shows how the U.S. pork industry and the U.S. economy would benefit if China were to eliminate all tariffs on U.S. pork imports.

“We knew the numbers were going to be big—but, wow, they’re staggering,” says Nick Giordano, who leads trade efforts for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). “If tariffs were zeroed out, within ten years, we would export almost 25 billion dollars a year in U.S. pork, and you would have pork also shave six percent off the U.S. trade deficit. There would also be 200-thousand new employees in the industry.”

The analysis was conducted by Iowa State University economist Dermot Hayes.

China currently has a 72 percent tariff on U.S. pork. Giordano says the pork industry is missing out on an unprecedented sales opportunity, which he says is very frustrating for producers.

“Our folks understand the complexity of the issues in negotiations with China. But it’s tough for them because they’ve really been hurt by trade retaliation and now they see the opportunity of a lifetime.”

Which is why NPPC wants the Trump Administration to push China for zero-tariff access for U.S. pork, Giordano says.

He says NPPC has launched a digital communications campaign to increase awareness for the “unique opportunity for U.S. pork in China”. For more information, go to

Nick Giordano discusses pork and tariffs with Brownfield’s Ken Anderson
  • Now that we are finally counting the carcass’s being sent to China. Maybe this will get kicked started. I believe they are not hit with tariffs when shipped by COFCO. COFCO is the one shipping carcass’s and this hiding and not paying tariffs.

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