NMPF wants to see dairies exempt from FSMA oversight

The National Milk Producers Federation is closely watching to see if the FDA further explores implementing Food Safety Moderation Act rules on dairy farms.

Clay Detlefsen says when the rule was enacted by Congress, farms were given exemptions through the Intentional Adulteration Rule except for dairy farms.

“We got dragged into this rule by Congress basically in 2011 when this became law,” he says.  “FDA chose not to regulate dairy farms up to this point.”

The Intentional Adulteration Rule is applied at food processing facilities to mitigate food supply contamination.  Analysis by the University of Minnesota has determined dairy farms are at risk of intentional terrorist contamination which could cause significant illness or death.

Detlefsen says in the last two years FDA has decided to take a serious look at implementing the rule on dairies, in part to follow through with the intent of Congress.

“We’re hoping that we work through this and ultimately convince the Food and Drug Administration to exclude dairy farms,” he says.

NMPF has previously argued voluntary efforts to prevent adulteration have been working and the dairy industry already has robust mitigation strategies in place.

Detlefsen presented on emerging dairy policies during this week’s virtual Young Cooperators Legislative Forum.

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