NFU supports proposed meat labeling rule

The National Farmers Union is a supporter of the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed rule for product labels using “Made in the USA”.

NFU President Rob Larew says if a product says “Made in America” or “Product of the US” it should indeed originate here.

“Too often right now these labels that are slapped on meat is really misleading to consumers because the beef, for example, might be imported from somewhere else and simply processed here in the US.”

He says other government agencies need to follow suit on this stance.

“By the way, USDA, it is time to update and bring your meat labels to the same standards as the rest of the government and make sure when consumers see in the store “product of the USA” that they know they are getting quality meat products from US farmers and ranchers.”

Larew says there need to be more transparency for both farmers and consumers on this issue.

Comments from an interview with Rob Larew

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