NFU president talks cap-and-trade in Iceland

A group of farmers and ranchers in Reykjavik, Iceland heard from National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson Wednesday about NFU’s position in favor of a carbon cap and trade system. At the gathering of the Association of Farmers Organizations in Scandinavia, Johnson said producers can play a big role in combating climate change and “lead the transition to a clean, renewable energy economy.”Johnson told them, yes, input costs will go up in a cap and trade system, but says “a robust and flexible agricultural offset program” would – “according to the USDA” – allow them to benefit economically in the long term.

Johnson said the U.S. has to be the leader in order for other countries to follow by adopting a strong ag offsets provision before the Copenhagen climate meetings in December. Johnson says he’ll work with the House and Senate to pass strong climate change legislation that “maximizes the unique role of farmers, ranchers and rural communities.”

National Farmers UnionĀ 

  • With all of the job losses our marckets are going to tank it wont come close to making up for it .We are selling our lively hood

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