NFU board urges Trump to take “positive” trade approach

The board of directors of the National Farmers Union is urging President Trump to adopt a new, positive approach to establishing fair trade relationships with U.S. trading partners.

NFU President Roger Johnson tells Brownfield they support Trump’s intentions of establishing fair – as well as free – trade but object to his tactics. He says there’s a reason Mexico is now buying corn from South America instead of the U.S., “Is it because their corn is cheaper, better? It might be now but certainly when they started looking down there, that wasn’t why they went. They went down there because they were deeply offended by the rhetoric coming out of the White House.”

Johnson says there is also concern in agriculture about retaliation caused by Trump’s tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, which are expected to be put into motion today.

AUDIO: Interview with Roger Johnson at 2018 NFU Convention~

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