Next farm bill expected to be more climate-focused

Many expect the next farm bill to have a greater emphasis on climate.

Minnesota AgriGrowth executive director Tamara Nelsen says farmers are eager to provide input as lawmakers get to work on the legislation.

“Whether risk management, whether incentive programs, or whether tax incentives, will (these) be in the next farm bill in an effort to reward farmers or companies for what they’re already doing? And or to incentivize or manage the risk of something new we might ask them to do.”

She tells Brownfield several AgriGrowth priorities that probably wouldn’t be part of the next farm bill are included in the infrastructure package.

“Things that are fundamental to the infrastructure of Rural America and our agri-food sector, like broadband, healthcare, housing, things like that. Bridges, roadways, locks and dams.”

Nelsen says the 2023 Farm Bill will be a prominent topic during the upcoming AgriGrowth Minnesota Ag And Food Summit November 4th in Minneapolis.

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