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Darren Unland, Tech Marketing Manager at BASF responsible for LibertyLink GT27 and Alite 27 tells Brownfield farmers need many choices so they are not putting too much pressure on one tool.

The LibertyLink GT27 soybean system, the first soybean technology with herbicide tolerance to both Liberty herbicide and glyphosate was introduced a year ago. Unland tells Brownfield this system provides excellent, elite genetics for higher yields.  It provides unsurpassed weed control when used as a program starting with a good pre-emergence herbicide with at least 2 effective modes of action, followed by Liberty herbicide as a post-emergence herbicide.

Resistance continues to develop for almost every herbicide mode of action currently used.  Alite 27, a new product from BASF will be the first HPPD inhibitor herbicide used in soybeans.  They expect registration later this year in time for a launch in spring of 2020. 

 Unland believes Alite 27 will be a key tool in weed control.

He’s excited about the opportunities for farmers using the LibertyLink GT27 system and Alite 27. Because of the HPPD tolerance in the soybeans, they fit nicely in a corn/soybean rotation. 

Unland tells Brownfield a year like 2019 highlighted the importance of using pre-emergence herbicides. Because of environmental conditions this year, lots of weeds went to seed so farmers really need to be on their game to get those fields ready for the next growing season.

Conversation with Darren Unland at Farm Progress Show:

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