New technology to improve biosecurity and disrupt the PRRS virus

A technology company is working to limit the impact of RNA and DNA viruses in the swine industry.  Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is an RNA virus and African swine fever is a DNA virus. 

Thomas Lawton, director of sales with Germ Solutions, says the technology used inflicts what he calls a mortal wound to a virus like PRRS.  “It takes the free oxygen and the free water molecules in the air and it turns them into essentially hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyls that are then pushed into the airborne space at very high speed,” he says.  And go out and they seek and steal a carbon atom from the virus and turns it from harmful to harmless.”

He tells Brownfield Germ Solutions is currently looking for pig producers who would be willing to participate in on-farm testing.  “We have testing and white papers that demonstrate the efficacy that’s bulletproof with regard to the technology,” he says. “What we’re trying to figure out is the industrial application because we think we could be a difference-maker in the biosecurity of our food supply.”

The PRRS virus can stunt growth, cause reproductive failure, and even death.  It costs North American pork producers more than $660 million in lost revenue annually and effective vaccines or drugs that could eradicate the virus are not yet available.

Lawton says the technology is currently being used currently in many places, form school classrooms to hospital operating rooms to reduce pathogens and reduce infections. 

AUDIO: Thomas Lawton, Germ Solutions

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