New Princess Kay to be crowned next week

The Princess Kay of the Milky Way crown will be passed next week.

Current Princess Kay Anna Euerle of Litchfield says she’s made a lot of memories in the last year.

“I’ve had the opportunity to set foot on a lot of amazing farms. I’ve been to farms that have on-farm creameries and make their own cheese, I’ve been to organic farms, farms with methane digesters, and just so many different things that make farms unique.”

As Minnesota’s official dairy ambassador, she tells Brownfield Princess Kay spends a lot of time in classrooms.

“I take most of my classroom visits through a 360-degree virtual tour of a robotic rotary dairy, and everybody was just always so excited as we traveled from room to room throughout the dairy. So there’s a lot of things throughout the past year that have really kind of been a highlight of my Princess Kay career for sure.”

The 69th Princess Kay of the Milky Way coronation will be Wednesday on the eve of the Minnesota State Fair.

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