New leadership unlikely to stop farm bill steam

A state Farm Bureau official says the issues important to farmers remain the same even as control of the U.S. House likely shifts.

National Legislative Council John Kran with Michigan Farm Bureau tells Brownfield agriculture still needs a farm bill in 2023.

“GT Thompson from Pennsylvania has said that he doesn’t want to focus on climate as much as they have been focusing on it now so that might look a little different, but the needs of the rural community are the same,” he says.

Kran says whether Senator Debbie Stabenow holds her seat as Chair of the Senate Ag Committee or not, he expects her to continue championing for Michigan agriculture even if priorities change.

Kran says there will be several new members of Congress, and relationship-building has to be a priority.   

“It takes both rural and urban legislators in multiple interest areas to get it across the finish line—we expect that will likely be the same,” he explains.

The organization plans to build new relationships.

“I don’t think anybody kept even the bulk of their district as it was,” he says.  “We do expect there will be several new members of Congress to get to know.”

Michigan has one less Congressional seat after redistricting. 

Brownfield interviews Kran on elections, rail issues, and H-2A rules

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