New carbon credit program for farmers also helps decarbonize food chains

A new program to help farmers adopt climate-friendly practices can boost their income while reducing the carbon footprint of food supply chains.

Global Agronomist at Agoro Carbon Alliance, Yebin Zhao tells Brownfield the program helps farmers find ways to improve the environment like through practices like nitrogen atomization. “We look into the farmer’s nitrogen, the whole program to see where they can optimize the nitrogen use efficiency.  Either they can reduce the nitrogen rate or maintain the same rate for more yield or increase the rate for even more yield,” Zhao says.

The Agoro Carbon Alliance is a global business created for farmers to earn additional revenue through positive climate action. Farmers can produce Farm Carbon Credits or climate-smart certified crops while decarbonizing food supply chains.

Zhao says another way the program works is to pay farmers for sequestering carbon in the soil. “Therefore, you improve the crop yield by also reducing erosion and the total use of chemicals use because the cover crop can better manage the weed.”

Agoro Carbon Alliance has registered farmers across Iowa, Nebraska, and Washington to participate in the first Agoro Carbon projects which will deliver Farm Based Carbon Credits in 2021.

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