Nebraska’s livestock industry poised for growth

AFAN executive director Steve Martin

The executive director of the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN) says the state’s livestock industry is poised for growth.

Steve Martin says with the huge Costco/Lincoln Premium Poultry project nearing completion, AFAN will be focusing on other opportunities.

“We’re going to have a lot more time to get out and work with our pork producers and beef producers,” Martin says, “and we’re still recruiting other poultry companies, too. Not just broilers, but also egg layers.”

Martin says the Costco project has helped “put Nebraska on the map” with other livestock businesses that are looking to expand.

“Because they look at the states around us, and some of them are maybe challenging from a regulatory standpoint,” he says. “Even some of the pork producers are looking at Nebraska and saying, ‘well, you’ve got good commonsense regulations that we can abide by—but you also have people who will help us find place where we fit’.”

Martin visited with Brownfield at the annual meeting of AFAN and We Support Agriculture(WSA) in Lincoln.

AUDIO: Steve Martin

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