Nebraska’s hemp signup process begins Monday

Nebraska ag director Steve Wellman

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture will begin taking applications for hemp production and processing this Monday.

Nebraska ag director Steve Wellman says there continues to be good interest in hemp production but he cautions growers to do their homework before jumping in.

“The biggest concern that I have is for the growers themselves—to make sure they have a plan, that they know who they’re doing business with, that they are trustworthy individuals that they have contracted with for selling the product,” Wellman says.

That same advice applies to their seed purchase, Wellman says.

“They could buy seed that really has no potential to deliver industrial hemp at the point-three percent (0.3%) THC level—and they go through the whole growing season and then it tests above that level and it’s not a useable industrial hemp crop.”

The state’s hemp plan received USDA approval earlier this week.

AUDIO: Steve Wellman

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