Nebraska Renewable Fuels Month spotlights benefits of homegrown fuel options

The Nebraska biofuels industry is celebrating the state’s ethanol production by providing discounts to motorists who purchase blended fuel.

Pam Miller, interim executive director for Renewable Fuels Nebraska, says the promotion highlights the positive impact the 2.1 billion-gallon-industry has on farmers and the economy. ““We use about 35 percent of the corn that’s produced in Nebraska directly to an ethanol plant in Nebraska,” Miller says.  “That’s keeping that here in our state.”

Ethanol blends at participating gas stations will be sold at a discount: consumers will save 15 cents per gallon on Super Unleaded 88 (a 15% ethanol blend) and 85 cents per gallon on E85 (an 85% ethanol blend).

Miller tells Brownfield ethanol creates other economic opportunities through value-added products. “In addition, we have two wonderful byproducts.  We extract corn oil – about a pound per bushel – and we also have distiller’s grain fed to our cattle.”

Nationally, Nebraska ranks No. 2 in ethanol production with 25 ethanol plants across the state. The industry employs over 1,400 Nebraskans in rural areas of the state.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture, Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Ethanol Board and the Nebraska RFA are participating in a series of events during May, which is Renewable Fuels Month in Nebraska.

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