Nebraska passes law requiring gas stations sell E15

A Midwestern state legislature has passed a law requiring that gas stations must offer 15 percent blended ethanol fuel.

Nebraska Corn Growers Association Chairman Andy Jobman tells Brownfield there few drawbacks with E15 since it burns cleaner and is cheaper. “It provides a great option for everyone that’s traveling across the state. It also provides a lot of great economic stimulation in the economy. More ethanol we can use in state, you know, drives demand for corn

He says the law will make E15 available in rural areas at stations that don’t offer the fuel. “It does seem like we go across the state, and it’s the bigger chains, the larger stations and denser populated areas, which is great, because that’s where our fuel usage is higher. But we’re also kind of missing the boat in some of these smaller stations across the state.

While the Cornhusker State is the second-largest ethanol producer in the US, it ranks near the bottom of the nation fur usage.

LB562 was introduced by Senator Myron Dorn and passed final round discussion 46-0 Tuesday.  Governor Jim Pillen is expected to sign the legislation.

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