Nebraska farmer says crops look ‘pretty good’

East-central Nebraska farmer Dan Wesely says his crops look ‘pretty good’, even though they’re running a couple of weeks behind normal.

“I think, overall, it’s pretty decent,” Wesely says. “We’re going to have to have a nice, late fall—a late frost. I think that can be said for most farmers across the U.S.”

Short soybeans are common across much of the Midwest this summer. Wesely wonders how that will impact yield.

“Tall beans doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to yield high—and so I’m hoping short beans doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to yield low,” he says. “But you’ve just got to wait and see. You’ve got to be patient and see what happens. Hopefully the weather plays out nice the rest of the year.”

Wesely farms near Morse Bluff, Nebraska.

AUDIO: Dan Wesely

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