Nebraska corn farmers to invest nearly $2.2 billion to plant 9.9 million acres

The head of the Nebraska Corn Board says the state’s corn farmers help boost the economy. 

Kelly Brunkhorst, executive director, tells Brownfield as farmers plant more corn, they purchase more inputs which invests more than $2 billion in local businesses. “This is an investment that we’re purchasing through local seed dealers, local cooperatives and suppliers that then they provide as opportunities for purchases on down the road from their suppliers,” Brunkhorst says. “This again continues to multiply through the economy of the state.”

He says farmers are expected to plant 9.9 million acres of corn this year. “I think we will probably see, depending on how planting continues to go, that number rise because we have some escalation in prices and we’ve got good price support that’s been coming out of harvest and going into harvest last year,” he says.

The latest crop progress report from the USDA says 42 percent of the crop had been planted so far.

Nationally, farmers are expected to plant nearly 91.1 million acres in 2021, which is up less than 1 percent from last year.

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