NE governor: Be proactive against animal rights groups

State by state, the Humane Society of the United States is methodically advancing its animal rights agenda across the U.S. 

Michigan is the latest to succumb.  That state’s pork and poultry groups have compromised with HSUS on legislation that contains regulations similar to those found in California’s Proposition 2.

How does Nebraska plan to combat the animal rights movement?  “We’re looking at a number of things,” says Nebraska governor Dave Heineman, “We want to be proactive on this front and we’re having lots of conversations trying to figure out what the best way is to do that.”

Heineman says he has discussed the matter with a number of industry groups, including Nebraska Farm Bureau and Nebraska Cattlemen. “They care about the safety and humaneness of animal care,” says Heineman. “They’re also working with the local humane society, which is frankly exactly where we’re at—they don’t agree with the national organizations who are going to come in and try to exploit this in an inappropriate way.”

Some states are attempting to undercut HSUS’ efforts by establishing animal care standards boards.  Ohio voters will vote in November on whether to establish such a board.

AUDIO: Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (1 min MP3)

  • Well now it was not to long ago there was a story out of Nebraska where an older gentleman had a horse that had been born on his place many years ago. The city expanded their limits & then had the nerve to tell that gentleman that the horse had to go! Mind you that horse had spent his whole life there. I sent an email to the Gov. office expressing my opion on that matter – I never did get a reply. Now suddenly the Gov. decides that he is going to be Mr. Rural,it must be getting time for another election. There have been other instances coming out of Nebraska that also were not farmer/rancher/rural friendly either…

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