Navarro says Trump has farmer’s backs with China tariffs

The White House Director of the National Trade Council says President Trump’s Monday announcement of even more tariffs on China is necessary.  Peter Navarro says China’s efforts to acquire technology and industries by any means necessary for its Made in China 2025 objective is a form of economic aggression impacting agricultural machinery, advanced rail shipping and more.  “Biotechnology, blockchain development, business application software, electronics, new-generation I-T, new materials, new energy vehicles, precision farming, robotics.”

Navarro told reporters Tuesday President Trump will have the backs of farmers.  “Sonny Perdue, the Secretary of Agriculture and his assistant Ray Starling have been working on measures that will have the backs of farmers.  This is not the appropriate time to reveal those but I can assure you that we are not unprepared.”

Navarro says by attacking farmers and ranchers, China runs the risk of raising America’s awareness, which will be beneficial to the U.S. in the trade dispute.

Trump ordered the U.S. Trade Representative’s office to prepare another 200 billion dollars’ worth of tariffs at 10% to use if China proceeds with Friday’s announced counter-tariffs on more than 500 products including agricultural goods.

This article was updated to correct Peter Navarro’s title.

  • Tell Sonny I’m waiting on my help. Already lost $1.50 on beans and $.50 cents on corn. I’ll take mine in the form of a tax free check like everybody else on assistance?

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