National Pork Board announces Real Pork Trust Consortium

The National Pork Board is partnering with land grant universities to address consumer questions about pork production and products.

NPB president Bob Ruth says the Real Pork Trust Consortium brings together diverse expertise from five universities to help build consumer trust.

“This is going to be a great model of how that works and how we can reach more people, and how we can do a better job of building a consortium of supporters for agriculture.”

Iowa State University, the University of Minnesota, North Carolina State University, the University of Georgia, and North Carolina A & T State University are providing experts in science communication, animal science, animal welfare, nutrition, ag economics, and sociology.

Ruth tells Brownfield the Real Pork campaign focuses on debunking myths about the pork industry.

“And it is this group of universities working on communications around that, working on research to debunk the myths, and finally training of the next generation of experts in our industry.”

He says the trust consortium is currently in its planning phase and more details about its approach and planned work should be announced in the fall.

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