National Milk Producers Federation board meets

The National Milk Producers Federation Board is meeting this week, starting Monday and wrapping up Wednesday.  Alan Bjerga with NMPF says, “It’s a pretty busy, action-packed agenda for our meeting, you know, with the Federal Milk Market Order process starting to get underway, there’s a lot for dairy farmers to talk about.”

Bjerga tells Brownfield with the USDA making moves ahead of a hearing on the Federal Milk Marketing Orders, the National Milk Producers Federation has a lot of work to do this summer in preparation for a federal order hearing, which could take place as early as August. “We’ve had a lot of meetings and a lot of discussions putting together that proposal, but you know, once this becomes a formal hearing procedure, and USDA has sort of showed its hand as far as how they see things going forward, that’s just another round of preparation and frankly, another round of forming consensus among producers.”

Bjerga says there have been 150 meetings in two years involving NMPF officials working on potential changes to the federal milk marketing order system, and there’s a lot more work ahead.

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