National Farmers Union says gap year waiver decision took too long

While the National Farmers Union applauds the EPA’s announcement to reject “gap year” small refinery exemptions, President Rob Larew says the decision took far too long.

 “Look, this is one blip of a positive thing. The fact is that these waivers should not have even been allowed after the 10th district court decision.”

Larew says the delay hurt corn prices and granting the waivers would have negatively impacted the market even more.

“If you add up all of the waivers and the missed opportunities fir ethanol in particular over those year, we are talking about upwards of 10% or more of the corn production out there. Can you imagine the impact that could have?”

Larew says during the current political climate he wants to see words of support for biofuels, farmers and ranchers proven through timely actions.

Comments from an interview with Rob Larew

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