National Biodiesel Board focuses on future, shares new vision

After a challenging year for the industry in 2019, the National Biodiesel Board is focusing on the future and preparing to deliver even more biodiesel.

Donnell Rehagen unveiled the National Biodiesel Board’s new vision, which includes exceeding six billion gallons by 2030.  

“Our vision is, particularly because of changing dynamics with carbon policy and we’re seeing carbon policy sweeping across the country, we see a future that has biomass-based diesel at 6 billion gallons in the next 10 years,” he says.

He says it will be challenging, but it’s possible because the industry has had tremendous growth. In 2005, about 75 million gallons of biodiesel were produced and he says this year about 3 billion gallons will be produced.  

“So we’re looking to double the size of our industry in the next 10 years so that’s kind of an aggressive goal, but we have markets we think we can grow to those levels to demand that kind of product…carbon-less transportation and heating fuels that’s where the future is,” he says.

National Biodiesel Board is also using a new phrase to highlight the benefits of biodiesel: better, cleaner, now. Rehagen says biodiesel is a better product that does a lot for the economy and energy security. He says it is also cleaner and has an 86 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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