NAMI, R-CALF USA present different versions of cattle markets in letters to Congress

R-CALF USA continues to push for reforms in the nation’s cattle and beef markets.

The group sent a letter to Congress refuting information from the North American Meat Institute claiming livestock suppliers ‘benefit from a fair and competitive’ market. 

CEO Bill Bullard tells Brownfield a document from NAMI distributed in Congress is an attempt to derail efforts to address the food crisis. “And it’s had a chilling effect on our ability to get members of Congress to join onto the Senator Rounds and Senator Smith letter that’s calling for immediate and decisive action.”

Last week, Senators Mike Rounds, Repbulican from South Dakota and Democrat Tina Smith of Minnesota sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland for a review of anti-trust laws in the beef processing industry.

Senator Tina Smith tells Brownfield the letter highlights problems cattle producers are facing. “And help us come up with a plan.  Do we need to either better enforce the laws that we have or strengthen the laws so that the market works better for producers?”

In an email to Brownfield, NAMI says their document ‘uses public sources to give an accurate picture of the dynamic beef market, especially’ because of COVID-19.

Bullard said NAMI’s letter has dissuaded members of Congress from signing onto the Rounds/Smith letter to the AG.

  • The Beef Packers which are primarily owned by Socialist Countries and/or ultimately the Communist Chinese Government, a country that is cleverly using our own system to destroy cattle operations. Very much like the family farm pork producers of the 1970’s. Now they are using clever legislation; promoted by many of our top politicians provide undeniable protections for their interests. Protects them from paying personal property taxes on the livestock (an undeniable advantage over traditional family farmers). Legislation that prevents or makes it difficult for open inspections of their feeding operations, feed stock testing, and use of medications. Huge companies, that feed mega money into PACS that fuel the Politicians Campaigns and TV adds. This back scratching ends up with politicians promoting and protecting legislation that harms US producers and gives foreign (many are ultimately after all is said and done Chinese owned) companies, opportunities to torpedo retail prices by bringing in fresh and frozen carcasses from other nations where there is little or no regulation of feed stocks and sell it here in the USA at prices at or lower than our actual cost. Look what 2021 Corn is doing to feeders in the USA. What is the cost to grow livestock in other countries that will be brought into the USA this fall and next summer? They will drive domestic producers out of business while purchasing our land and production capability with bit-coin fabricated from thin air. Its not rocket-science, its to consolidate, vertically integrate CAFOS and follow the same business “MO” as the Pork Industry has done. And “we” are foolish enough to let it happen.

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