MU Plant Diagnostic Center has reopened

The University of Missouri’s Plant Diagnostic Center has reopened with a new leader.

Peng Tian, a plant diagnostician, says they’ve been open since February first and will operate year-round.

“I think it’s vital for our community to have a facility of the Plant Diagnostic Clinic. Just like human beings, we get sick and go to the doctor, plants get sick, too.”

The center is backed up by Tian’s expertise and that of entomologists and weed scientists…to assist home gardeners and farmers.

“If you are farmers, you have a question about your crops such as weeds in corn – or you’re an orchard owner – you have questions about apple trees or blueberries – we are here to help.”

The center provides recommendations with their diagnoses. He says farmers should be in touch with their county Extension offices first with any plant disease or pest issues which will be in touch with the center.

The center had been closed for about a year.

Interview with Peng Tian ^^

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