Most Wisconsin farmers have made ARC & PLC elections before Monday’s deadline

A Farm Service Agency official says most farmers in his state have made their Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage program elections ahead of Monday’s deadline. “Here in Wisconsin, we’re pushing towards that, you know, higher 80% to 90% range. We’re working with producers. A lot of this is through online and through the mail.”

Wisconsin Farm Program Chief Greg Biba tells Brownfield if farmers don’t reach out to their FSA offices by 4:30 pm to update their ARC and PLC elections, then they will not be enrolled for 2021 but can re-enroll in 2022. “You know, they don’t have to change their election if they don’t want to, but they do still have to enroll, and sign a contract with us.”

For farmers unsure of which program to sign up for, Biba says there are online resources from three universities. “Texas A&M and I believe the University of Illinois has good tools, and we even have here in Wisconsin, Paul Mitchell from the University of Wisconsin has a resource page and some good recommendations out there.”

The University of Wisconsin’s Paul Mitchell has previously told Brownfield the choices are not difficult for most farmers this year with PLC as his choice for corn and ARC for soybeans. Again, the ARC and PLC signup deadline is Monday at the close of the business day, and Biba says farmers need to contact them before time runs out.

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