MoRFA elects new president

The incoming president of the Missouri Renewable Fuels Association is Ryland Utlaut, president and general manager of Mid-Missouri Energy in Malta Bend. He tells Brownfield that he will make sure the message gets out what a good buy ethanol is for the motoring public, “Ethanol is cheaper than the regular gasolines that are unblended. And it is because of ethanol that we are seeing some of the lower prices in fuel now that we ARE seeing. If it weren’t for ethanol we’d be seeing much higher prices, I’m sure.”

Mid-Missouri Energy has been up and running for five years – and Utlaut says it’s in a solid position,“Mid-Missouri Energy operated at a great time. We had great profits, we’ve held on to some of those and so far we’ve been able to withstand some of these really financial pinches that some plants have been in.”

While Missouri is not the leading ethanol producing state – Utlaut says it certainly is a key part of the map. And, corn harvest so far has been positive, “I’d have to say this is one of the better years that I can remember and I’ve been farming for probably 45 years. I farm in partnership with my brother Fred. And we’ve been harvesting about four or five days now and the moisture in our corn is running 18 or 19 percent, but yields are great.”

Utlaut says it helps prove the point that there is plenty of corn for food AND fuel. Utlaut takes over as Missouri RFA president October first.  He succeeds current president Gene Millard, president of Golden Triangle Energy in Craig, Missouri.

Missouri Renewable Fuels Association

AUDIO: Ryland Utlaut, newly elected president of MoRFA (10 min., MP3)

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