MO: Supporting small processors a priority in 2021

Missouri’s director of agriculture says funding for small meat processors will continue to be a priority in 2021.

Chris Chinn tells Brownfield roughly $20 million of Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act funding for the state went towards improving existing small and medium processors and building new ones.

“We could also see, approximately, maybe 40 new businesses open up across the state of Missouri,” Chinn said.

She said funding might not stop there…

“On the federal level, this has been something that has been talked about as well,” Chinn said. “So yes, there is the opportunity that moving forward, the federal government may appropriate funds to this very problem.”

Chinn said trade will also be a priority for the Missouri Department of Agriculture in 2021.

Chris Chinn Interview
  • So glad to hear this news!! We need more processing plants in this country. Keep our meats.. feed, raised and processed here in the United States. Stop sending our foods over seas. We’ve had a good education on how much China is involved in our products since the covid pandemic. There is no reason America can’t take care of its self and not rely on other countries.

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