MO Gov. Parson wants more broadband dollars in budget

Governor Parson delivered his state operating budget proposal Wednesday totaling more than $34 billion.

Parson said a key part of the budget is infrastructure including rural broadband.

“We have made great strides in the past few years, and I appreciate the legislature’s commitment to broadband expansion,” Parson said. “However, 2020 exposed many digital gaps, highlighting the importance of ensuring high-speed internet in all areas of Missouri.”

Parson said he wants another $5 million in the next budget to expand high-speed internet access across the state.

Parson’s proposal also asks for $12.2 million in state aid to Missouri’s port authorities – a $6.3 million increase. Another $1.7 million would go to the Missouri Department of Conservation’s efforts to combat feral hogs. The proposed budget would take effect in July.

Alisa Nelson contributed to this article.

Governor Parson on broadband
  • So much BS…. or wait, the PC term is “porK”
    I obviously have internet, albeit not fast, since I can type this. What I dont have is decent farm to market roads. They charge my plenty of road taxes, and all my fuel purchases are taxed, but my county road to the ranch headquarters is a disaster. One bridge is about to collapse, and barely wide enough to get semis across. Dont even try to get anything newer than a 1950 combine to fit over it………I’ve told my commissioners to give me tax credits and I’ll maintain my own part {1.5} miles of the road and improve it. course that didnt fly

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