MO gas tax increase to improve infrastructure

Missouri farmers can expect greater investment into the state’s roads and bridges.

Governor Parson signed gas tax legislation Tuesday that will raise the state’s tax by 2.5 cents every year for five years. While the legislation becomes law at the end of August, the tax won’t be adjusted until October. Parson said the tax will make strides in improving the state’s roads and bridges. 

“[If] you look at some of the interstates we’ve got that were affected by the flooding, I think you’re going to have an opportunity to look at those to see how we might be able to that better,” Parson said. “More overpasses to make things safer when we’re going down four lanes and things like that. There’s a tremendous need out there for what we need to do.”

Missouri Representative Becky Ruth said the commitment to improve Missouri’s infrastructure will also bring economic growth. 

“Anytime an industry is looking at coming into our state, one of the top things they look at is infrastructure,” Ruth said. “Along with that industry coming into our states, they bring jobs which in turn brings more economic development.”

Ruth said the legislation includes a full rebate option for most drivers.  A gas tax increase was a priority for several state ag organizations. 

Missouri Net contributed to this article.

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