MO Farm Bureau’s health plan ask starts in the Senate

Missouri Farm Bureau has asked the state’s Senate Insurance and Banking Committee to back a bill giving farmers and ranchers another health care option.

President Garrett Hawkins says the bill provides an exception for the non-profit membership organization to offer a health plan and it was outlined as a priority during the annual meeting.

“How many times do you have a spouse on the farm that must leave the farm to go to work in town so the family can access health benefits?”

Hawkins says the cost of the plan would be covered by Farm Bureau and reinsurance. If the bill is passed, Missouri would be the seventh state Farm Bureau to offer a health plan to its members. There will also be a similar bill considered in the House during the session.

  • When it comes to Missouri Farm Bureau insurance, don’t let the name fool you. I have been a member of Farm Bureau for many years, and as many others do, I felt that being insured with them and the good they do for our Missouri Agriculture communities was a good thing. Well that all changed recently when it came to file a claim with the company that I have everything insured with; Life, Farm, Auto, Home. MO Farm Bureau agents aren’t agents of you the insured, they are actually agents of their employer, and their fiduciary responsibility lies with them, not you the insured.
    What does this mean; the person who you have entrusted to help you look out for unforeseen risk, they don’t have your back when it comes to a claim, they just point to their company and pass you off saying “their hands are tied”. Independent insurance brokers don’t operate with this type of allegiance to a company, they actually represent and fight for you the insured. Make sure you understand who the agent is representing before purchasing insurance, and beware, Missouri Farm Bureau knows that they are leveraging a brand that Missouri Agriculture families are familiar with and trust in order to sell you coverage but they go absent when it comes time to make a claim.

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