MO cattle producer pushes support for property rights

A Missouri cattle producer at Wednesday’s property rights rally at the capitol was there to support private property owners.

Marvin Dieckman tells Brownfield the eminent domain power granted to Grain Belt Express to acquire privately owned land wouldn’t affect him, but…

“It makes me feel for those people that are in the location where these people want to come and possibly want to take over their property without negotiating with them on a fair price on their property because I would not like to have that done to my property,” he said.

Following the rally, many farmers and ranchers who attended visited with senators to urge the passing of Senate Bill 508 which would limit eminent domain use by private companies.

Dieckman, a former Missouri Cattlemen’s Association President, said he is hopeful the bill passes.

“As soon as we can get it done, that’ll be a great day for the state of Missouri and I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Dieckman said using eminent domain to forcefully acquire land and a cheap price is simply wrong.

Marvin Dieckman Interview

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