MN farmer prefers his cover crops “low and slow”

A southeast Minnesota farmer says when it comes to cover crops, he likes them “low and slow.”

Mike Steinfeldt is a cow/calf producer who grows corn and hay near Winona.

“For the inter-seeding, a lot of our low and slow we’re using some clovers, kale, some of the annual rye grass is mixed in there also. Just shorter species that won’t compete with corn as much.”

He tells Brownfield he’s been using cover crops the past four years.

“We’ve seen tremendous response in our soils and soil health. The earthworm activity has really come alive on our farm from using the cover crops, I think. Or maybe less tillage (as well).”

Steinfeldt encourages farmers interested in trying cover crops to start small with cereal rye on a few acres of harvested corn.

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