Missouri farmer’s corn yield better than expected

A central Missouri farmer is seeing better corn yields than expected. Nathan Alpers, in Cooper County, started harvesting the day after Labor Day is is about two-thirds done and he feared nitrogen loss would be an issue but that’s not the case, “It’s been quite a bit above average for us. We’re probably running 30 to 40% above our 10-year APH. So, we’re very blessed, very satisfied.”

Alpers says they had a dry stretch right at pollination and a week to 10 days after that, which he thought would greatly affect yields. He’ll start combining soybeans next week or the week after and says his neighbors are reporting good yields.

Alpers says he’s glad he was able to plant corn in the bottom lands that were flooded out last year from a levee breach, “We were planning on going to corn but we didn’t know. We left that option open depending on when they levee got repaired. Machinery moved in in May and we went to planting corn.”

And, he says, they almost lost the levee again but it was repaired in time.

Interview with Nathan Alpers ^^

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