Missouri farmer about a month away from ideal corn planting date

As spring weather starts to settle in, a Missouri farmer says his ideal corn planting date is only a month away.

“My perfect date is April 20th through the 25th. That is when I really like to plant corn, so that is what we are shooting for.”

Gary Porter, who farms near Mercer along the Missouri/Iowa state line, tells Brownfield they have been a little on the dry side, but a couple of recent snow and rain events have helped.

“It seems like the moisture is just about perfect, we are not too dry and we are not too wet. So, if we have normal weather between now and April 20th, I think we are going to be able to fire right up and get the corn in the ground.”

He says so far, conditions are shaping up for another good crop year.

“We increased our APH on corn and soybeans last year. We are really happy with how things played out last year and our moisture now is about the same. I hate to say too much, but I hope this year is just like last year because it really worked out great for us.”

In the meantime, Porter says they are doing as much prep work as they can, and he is happy with their supply of extra equipment parts in the event of a minor breakdown.

“We typically only have 8 to 10 really good days to put a crop in, so we can’t afford to be down 2 or 3 days because we can’t get a part for the planter, or something is not ready.”

Porter serves as a member of the Corn Board of the National Corn Growers Association.

Interview with Gary Porter

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