Missouri Department of Agriculture launches MORE campaign

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has launched what’s called its MORE campaign.  Director Chris Chinn tells Brownfield the campaign is the department’s vision for enhancing quality of life in Missouri.

“What can we do to feed one more person, what can we do to reach one more person, how can we connect one more rural community to high speed internet,” said Chinn, during an interview with Brownfield Ag News Friday, “and how can empower farmers and ranchers and our employees to be more and to do more.”

Part of the campaign is to spotlight feeding people.  Chinn says that’s especially important because one in five Missourians is food insecure.

“It’s really important for us to raise awareness about that and the important role that our foodbanks play for those families, so we want to encourage farmers and ranchers to be connecting with their foodbanks as well as other people in the community to make sure that there is plenty of food available for those families,” said Chinn, “and that people can choose what fits into their budget when they make choices at the grocery store.”

Another pillar of the campaign, connect MORE, is an effort to make high-speed Internet available to all parts of Missouri.

AUDIO: Chris Chinn (8 min. MP3)

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