Missouri court filing questions conflicting orders involving CAFOs

A new court filing in Missouri calls for clarification of two conflicting orders about health regulations from Governor Parson.

The filing says the Governor’s statewide social distancing order allowing counties to use stricter health rules where they see fit during the pandemic goes against a state law concerning concentrated animal feeding operations that prohibits counties to apply stricter rules to address environmental and health concerns.

During a press conference Thursday, Governor Parson says those are two very different scenarios.

“You’re talking about CAFOs back then. We’re talking about health care for everybody today. You know, an order’s an order. We did an order on that. I’m not sure that’s a very fair comparison of what we’re talking about today.”

Opponents of the 2019 law involving CAFOs say emissions from the large farms can pose health risks for nearby residents.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the brief for clarification was filed by lawyers for the Cedar County Commission and the Cooper County Public Health Center.

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