Missouri ag groups working to increase corn-fed pork market

The Missouri Pork Association and Missouri Corn Growers Association are working together to increase opportunities for corn-fed pork in the state.

MPA Executive Director Don Nikodim tells Brownfield they’ve added several sow operations in Missouri the past few years, but unfortunately a lot of the young pigs get moved to other states for finishing.

“One thing we have been working with the corn folks on is to figure how we can locate and get more of these finishing operations here in the state which would utilize more Missouri corn here locally.”

He says the sow units were placed in corn-dense areas like the bootheel and central part of the state, but they believe finishing operations would fare better further north.  

“The next step would be to get some of these pigs located in finishers, probably predominantly in northern Missouri, closer to the markets and closer to more corn up there as well.”

Nikodim says at one point, Missouri was the top pork producing state reaching their highest inventory in 1944, not quite double the number of pigs in the state today.

Nikodim highlights more projects in cooperation with the Missouri Corn Growers Association in this episode of Missouri Corn Talk.

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