Minnesota crops hanging on in dry conditions

Minnesota farmers remain concerned about the lack of rain.  USDA reporters say topsoil moisture is 10% very short, 36% short, and only 51% adequate with similar subsoil measurements.

Minnesota’s corn is starting to silk about three days ahead of average with 3% of the corn now silking.  Sixty-one percent of the crop is in good to excellent condition.

Twenty-nine percent of the state’s soybeans are now blooming, five days ahead of average and 10 days ahead of last year.  Sixty-four percent of the soybean crop is rated good to excellent.

Ninety-two percent of Minnesota’s barley is jointed and 66% headed with 10% coloring.  Sixty-five percent of the barley crop is rated good to excellent.

Oats are 92% jointed, 70% headed, and 22% coloring, but only 48% of the Minnesota oats crop is in good to excellent condition.

Spring wheat is 95% jointed and 67% headed, but just starting to color.

Twenty-nine percent of the dry edible bean crop is blooming with 2% now setting pods. 

Minnesota farmers have 25% of the second crop alfalfa hay harvested, and only 40% of all hay is rated good to excellent.

Reporters say most potatoes, sugar beets, and sunflowers are doing well.

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