Minnesota Corn Growers vote to raise gas tax

Minnesota Corn Grower delegates have voted to raise the state gas tax.

During their annual meeting at the Minnesota Ag Expo in Mankato this week, the Minnesota Corn Growers passed a resolution supporting a gas tax increase of 10 cents per gallon.

Government relations chair Bruce Peterson of Northfield says the hope is it bolsters the chances of getting a transportation bill through the Legislature.

“(we) Feel like that needs to be part of the puzzle with passing a transportation package.  In order to do that, we may have to raise the gas tax.  Certainly that’s all part of the equation, but maybe part of the solution as far as getting something passed.”

The Minnesota gas tax is currently just over 28 cents per gallon.

Peterson says farmers like him need more dollars set aside to keep up with the state’s aging roads and bridges.

“We’ve got more corn moving year-round with all the ethanol plants, and just more commerce in general.  Being we’re in this northern climate, the roads just aren’t holding up.  And it seems like we keep falling further and further behind.  Also the cost to maintain these roads keeps increasing rapidly.”

State Representative Jeanne Poppe says transportation funding is discussed regularly at the statehouse, and having a group like the Minnesota Corn Growers support a gas tax increase definitely puts it on the list of solutions.









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