Minnesota corn crop emerging after cool, dry start to spring

The 2021 U.S. corn crop is emerging even as far north as Minnesota.

University of Minnesota Extension corn agronomist Jeff Coulter says many farmers waited until the last week of April to begin planting because of cool soils.

“Fortunately this year it seemed to work out well. The fields that I have seen that were planted early, say around April 22nd or so, the emergence in those fields looks quite good.”

He tells Brownfield germination has been slowed by both cool temperatures and a lack of soil moisture.

“I think those dry conditions can have a larger impact on even emergence than cool soils. So that’s a little bit of a concern, but fortunately we were able to get rain in a lot of areas the past few days and that should really help things along.”

Coulter says a lot of Minnesota farmers not only waited for the ground to warm up but also planted a little deeper to reach moisture.

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