Minnesota agronomist concerned about fallow syndrome

An agronomist is concerned about fallow syndrome in fields that remained bare this year.

Harmon Wilts with AsGrow/Dekalb in western Minnesota says there were a lot of prevent plant acres in the southwest corner of the state, and for some the wet conditions persisted well into the growing season.

“As it kept raining and raining, we realized that when you have a crop on there, the crop actually takes up the moisture and drys (the field) out where the PP acres didn’t. So many guys didn’t get their PP acres planted until late summer.”

He tells Brownfield that can be a recipe for fallow syndrome.

“Really because they didn’t have a lot of soil activity with that cover crop they planted, so I’m looking for more phosphorous tie-up, or fallow syndrome than you probably would expect this coming year.”

For growers mindful of fallow syndrome, Wilts recommends selecting hybrids with exceptional emergence and seedling growth.

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