Milk production up in some states, down in others

A dairy economist says U.S. milk production is up, but more in some states than others.

Mark Stephenson is the emeritus director of the Center for Dairy Profitability at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  He tells Brownfield some regions have production spikes while others have significant production losses. “South Dakota is a big gainer. Texas has been a big gainer, and Georgia, the state some people may not think of as a big gainer. The two states that have been large losers in milk production have been Florida this past year and we’ve also seen a fair amount of loss in milk production in New Mexico.”

Stephenson says production in several midwestern states is down slightly. “There’s that whole area really from Illinois over through Pennsylvania including Michigan where they’ve all been down, not as much, you know, as say Florida but they’re substantial milk producing states and they’re down enough to really take notice.”

But not Wisconsin. “There are a number of states that are a little bit up or a little bit down. Wisconsin kind of falls into that category where we’ve been up a bit, so, we’ve had like a half-a percent increase in milk production this past year.”

Stephenson says the large production gains in states like South Dakota and Texas coincide with new or planned processing.  He says New Mexico’s production losses are largely drought related.

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