Michigan Farm Bureau strengthens policy

More than 80 proposed resolutions came up for debate at this week’s Michigan Farm Bureau State Annual Meeting.

Mike DeRuiter with Michigan Farm Bureau tells Brownfield members are continuing a 100-year tradition on their delegate floor this week. “We’re just proud of the process, it’s very unique to our organization and the grassroots process that we’re going through right now is what’s got us through the 100 years.”        

A major change for the organization came with changes to help mitigate the spread of bovine tuberculosis.  After two days of debate, members added language supporting deer baiting to encourage reducing the deer population, while keeping support for the current statewide feeding ban.  New policy also includes language requiring the eradication of white-tailed deer in any 10-mile radius, high-risk zone established after a TB positive deer or cattle herd is found, along with a strengthening of fines and penalties for illegal feeding of wildlife.

Thursday delegates picked up environmental policy issues which DeRuiter says also brought lively discussions. “Discussions on nonpoint source pollution and wastewater management got a lot of discussion in lieu of PFAS and some of the issues with the Lake Erie Basin.”

Other major policy issues debated by delegates have included infrastructure, hemp, and international trade.

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